The night visitor

By Tiber 

I’m still tired from my road trip. Not too tired, however, to realize in my sleep last night that some old lady had started to crawl into bed with me.

Yes, it was the unknown old woman Mom spotted once up in the attics who evidently is still living here.

At least I’m guessing that’s who it was. That or suddenly, I’ve become the hottie of the week down at the senior center.

Anyway, she was as freaked as I was when she found the bed occupied and she took off and disappeared before I even got out into the hall.

My sister Iris Nell‘s room is right next to mine and she woke up because of all the noise and looked out accusingly.

I came back with my own accusation.

“I think that old lady from the attic has been sleeping in my bed! Didn’t you notice any activity over here in my room while I was out of town?”

I know for a fact there are families who welcome home returning relatives with hugs, smiles, maybe even a special dinner.

I got a pause. A yawn. A pensive look. And then the ultimate greeting.

“Oh. Were you out of town?”

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