On the road again

By Tiber

Hello. I’m back at home.

My friend, Ryan, and I went on a road trip. We tend to underbelly these things so I wouldn’t really call it a “vacation” since that word conjures up something restful.

At least it wasn’t a “staycation” which I will avoid forever simply because I hate that word.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a “laycation” either which I truly would have enjoyed.

But all and all, it was still worthwhile.

I tend to like new smells and whenever we travel, there seem to be a lot of those. Plus, as with everybody, beyond the true interest of a trip, I think there’s always the relief that when you get out there, you see that other people aren’t any more sane or attractive or together than you are.

There would be nothing worse than to have somebody say way late in your life.

“You lived like that?!? Dude, if only you’d traveled two miles down the road, you could have lived in Perfect Town. Where no one gives tickets. They only give backrubs.”

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