Hip Hip Hipp-oh

By Tiber

I was doing some TV laps and saw where there was a real show entitled “Hippos: The Dark Side.” Seriously? Hippos? Their “dark side?”

Have we so run out of actual entertainment that it’s come to this?

I’m nowhere near my sister Iris Nell in the overly sentimental department but even I didn’t want to watch.

I read about wildlife in school and I thought that hippopotamuses (hippopotami?) seemed pretty content simply enjoying food and the company of other hippos.

So now, if they do have a “dark side,” what the hell would it be?

They sneak up on giraffes and write “you suck!” way down low on their ankles where they can’t read it?

They post lies online about hyenas to make them stop laughing?

They graffiti-paint crossbars on zebras and then play tic-tac-toe on them?

As I said, I think, mostly, hippos just hang out at the old mud hole.

Well, of course, I did see “Fantasia” when I was a kid so I guess a few of them do become ballet dancers and then appear on tour at many of the world’s international arts venues.

But that’s it.

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