Don’t ignore the cat behind the curtain

By Tiber

My family has the best friends in the world – not only because they’re smart and decent but also because they put up with us.

I wouldn’t put up with us and I’m one of us.

First of all, our 4th of July celebration was pretty lame but now, for one of the men who stayed on, his week has gotten even worse.

Our cat, Amadeus, is always pretty well-behaved. Plus, he’s always composing symphonies for us so that’s nice.

Our other cat, Paracelsus, however, is another story.

As I’ve written before, we really do try to warn guests entering Paracelsus’ favorite bathroom to check first behind the shower curtain. But it’s been hot and everybody just forgot.

The male guest had sat down and was doing his business which then, unfortunately, allowed Paracelsus to do his business which is his sure-fire cat practical joke of suddenly bursting through the shower curtain and sailing over the head of the seated terrified guest, until he lands on the sink on the far side.

The guest, in the midst of relieving himself, has now leaped up involuntarily and relieved himself all over the room.

Some of the guests never come out again.

They don’t want to hose down the entire place themselves but they certainly don’t want anybody else doing it either.

I’ve just had a thought, though.

Since my sister, Iris Nell, already makes weird little animal outfits, maybe she can whip up some tiny mop shoes for Paracelsus to wear.

That way, he wouldn’t have to give up his fun but he could at least help some with the inevitable-
“Cleanup in bathroom 5!”


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