The Dogtona 500

By Tiber 

We’re not even up to the official “dog days of summer” yet but the increasing heat and boredom around here inevitably has led to more dog races.

We actually have a ballroom/picture gallery here in the house on the ground floor. Obviously, we’re not giving any balls these days so the triplets decided this large, empty space would be perfect for the latest running of the Dogtona 500.

God only know what the kids smeared on the bottom of their skateboards but when they took off around the ballroom, the dogs, Cax and Brendan, went crazy with joy, insanely speeding and saliva-spewing right after them.

The noise, of course, soon brought in a furious Dad, who “saved” the dogs from the race and took them back to his study.

I passed by the open door later but the dogs weren’t comfortably napping. Dad was at his training again.

You may remember how Dad once read where the actor Hugh Grant’s father had attempted for years to get their cat to wave back to him.

It never worked.

But ever since then, Dad has periodically tried it with our dogs. He’ll wave at them for hours but, so far, Cax and Brendan have never even raised a paw.

My guess is, though, that they will. It won’t be for a wave, however.

This whole thing has got to be so annoying for them, I fully expect that someday, at least one dog will sigh, roll his eyes, give in, raise that paw, swivel it around and finally shoot Dad the bird.

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