Bee-witched, bothered and bewildered

By Tiber

I read a headline in a science column that said “Fatigued bees saved by getting their own energy drinks.”

In my head, I congratulated the design team at the beverage company that could come up with energy drinks in containers that small.

I immediately envisioned thumbnail-sized cans with tiny, easy-to-open pop-tops that the bees could get their stingers under in order to flip those babies open.

Then, I figured, the bees could either siphon out the drink from the can or else knock the cans over with a little bee butt hit and slurp the drink off the ground.

I read on and quickly realized, of course, that the bee keepers were just putting out sugar water.


Hey, I blame the heat.

I do know, however, that there are lots of people who know me who would say, no, no, Tiber can be just as stupid when the weather turns cold.

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