In an octopus’s garden…with you

By Tiber

You hear the phrase, “If you could come back again in another life, what would you want to be?” Surprisingly, one of the great lives seems to be that of octopuses…octopi?

I’m just reading where they evidently have a pretty good life. They flirt with the females and like to hold hands and since they have so many “hands,” the females love it.

And then they mate several times a day. Go, octos.

And once the female is impregnated, the males have been seen guarding the nursery, chasing away any other males. The article says they even strangle them if they get too close.

I can do that! I don’t pursue violence but hey, if called upon, sure, I’m way man enough to man the manger and…wait a minute, I just read the end of the article. It says they all die a few months after mating.

Forget it.

I’ll come back as something else. I may be unemployed but at least I can get through sex without croaking.

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