In April showers, Aunt April cowers

By Tiber

As you know, we think there’s a runaway monkey from that nearby animal park loose somewhere in the house.

But my parents’ house covers about an acre and everybody has snacks stashed everywhere (why do you think I moved back in?) so the monkey’s never been in one place long enough to catch him.

Everyone agrees, though, that Aunt April probably saw him today.

Normally reclusive, she bolted out of her third-floor room, screaming.

Bo, one of the triplets, was coming up to ask me something and he was carrying his skateboard, when his great-aunt suddenly grabbed it and careened down the hall, riding the skateboard to get away as fast as she could, her long, white hair streaming out behind her.

She hit the main staircase and even though it’s a switchback, she kept riding that skateboard all the way down.

It’s going to be a lot harder now to keep the triplets from trying it, especially since Mom told them it wasn’t just banned but that it was impossible.

Evidently not.

No monkey turned up back in her bedroom, but as I always say, since it happens so rarely, it was nice to see Aunt April.


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