He flies through the air with the greatest of ease

By Tiber

My parents have done a lot of charity work, so they know quite a few people.

There’s an actor who has taken up Formula One-style racing in his spare time and when Mom invited a few people over this weekend, Dad waylaid him and asked the actor to drive him around the estate in one of our cars to get some driving tips.

The actor seemed hesitant but Dad kept after him.

So out they went.

First, it was just around the circular drive.

My father didn’t feel they were getting up enough speed, so he egged the guy on. Dad said to rip around the topiaries as an obstacle course but then, coming down the slope, they were soon airborne. Too bad the greenhouse roof got in the way.

There’s some noise for you.

Everybody came running out of the house –  family, staff, guests, even the actor who does Formula One-style racing in his spare time.

That’s right. My father, who no longer really bothers to keep up on who’s who, had waylaid a hot fashion designer my mother knows to speed him around the property and who now sat, horrified, in the driver’s seat, as the car rocked, half in and half out of the greenhouse.

We should have seen this coming. Last year, Dad congratulated an up-and-coming painter on his new cooking show. And he told a famous singer he’d enjoyed her documentary on rats.

Probably as most people get older, they’re not as aware of which famous person is which. The difference is that most people never actually meet them.


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