It’s cougarific!

By Tiber

I thought my brother Kru’s new little company delivering cat sand to people’s homes was a great idea. I guess it still is. It’s just that some of the clients are turning out to be a little more aggressive than you might think.

After initially bragging that women on his route loved the sight of him toting those heavy litter bags for them, Kru was grousing about it last night.

“What? The women are no longer big on your biceps?” I asked.

“Oh, they like them all right. That cat litter is catnip. But to some of them, me with the cat litter is like raw meat…Now I know why they call them ‘cougars!’ I swear to you, Tiber, there was one this morning who leaped up onto the inch-wide back of a dining room chair and started growling and pawing at my crotch!”

My mother suddenly realized the triplets were in the room and she quickly tried to “explain” things to her grandchildren that the kids have known about longer than she has.

“Uh…Yes! Cougars! Those lovely big cats! Uncle Kru went to the zoo today.”

The triplets then exited but they all three looked back at Kru and murmured in unison.

“Better wear a cup.”


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