Two’s company, three is AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!


By Tiber

In another case of one of our family members racing out into the world to embrace embarrassment, my sister-in-law, the so often inappropriately named Honor, threw a mega-fit this weekend at a little local photography studio.

She had entered the triplets into the studio’s “Magnetic Multiples” cute kids contest and, to no one else’s surprise, they had not even made it into the finals.

I’ve always been sure that the kids could do voodoo but maybe this time, their mother had convinced them that their personalities would win the day.

She should have gone with the voodoo.

So she let those poor photography people know in ripe terms how fixed she thought their contest must be since it left out her three clearly superior munchkins.

The people got Honor a chair and tried to calm her down. In the meantime, the triplets got bored sitting in the car and came inside. When Honor turned and saw her kids right there, she shrieked and leaped up, knocking the chair over and twisting her ankle, all in a frantic effort to get away.

I think she sort of made the studio’s point herself.

Of course, she told the kids they’d just surprised her. But we all know the triplets would have the same effect on anybody, even if they issued one of those screeching civil service messages on TV warning the populace of their exact time of arrival.


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