Hats on to you

By Tiber

My sister, Iris Nell, has gotten even more depressed that she didn’t pick up more holiday customers for her online “custom-made, all-weather gear for other animals” business.

I stopped by her room today and she sighed as she looked at all of those unsold mice macs and sugar-glider sweaters.

“They just look so sad since they’re not being used!”

I feel bad about telling her recently that maybe she ought to branch out into things like unitards for unicorns so tonight I went and talked to Dad.

And when Iris Nell dragged her depressed self in for dinner tonight, the rest of us continued our conversation but my sister saw instantly, that we all were wearing her tiny hamster hats.

Kru, who thinks he’s a superhero anyway, was also sporting one of the little iguana capes.

We looked like idiots but this time at least, we were being idiots for a cause.

And not only did my sister laugh out loud but, being Iris Nell, she also then sobbed for an hour because we’d been good enough to make her so happy.

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