If these walls could talk, they’d slur their words

By Tiber

It’s freezing.

Dad even made Cook’s sister, Saskia, come stay in the main house instead of the gatehouse.

Dad has started worrying, though, that with everybody being inside so much, we aren’t going to stay very fit.

We have a gym on the third floor but not everyone uses it so Dad decided to organize a speed walk all over the house, for family and staff alike.

Kru and I, who do use the gym, were not thrilled about this at all and I was really glad – but surprised – when he pulled me to the back of the moving pack and then popped open the secret panel in the library that leads to a little hidden room.

We learned when we were kids that there are secret passages all over the house. And little brother had stashed some sandwiches in here, so in we went. I didn’t think Kru was that organized. Or that devious.

But suddenly, the hidden panel crashed open again. Busted! It was Dad.

How did he even know where to look for us? Of course, we’d forgotten that he’d spent his own childhood in this house so he’d found all the secret rooms too.

Plus, it turns out he knows even more than we do. Rather than being mad, he just headed over and popped open a panel in the little room that we’d never even noticed before and handed out three microbrews.

“What?!?” he asked as we sat there, staring at him. “Sometimes a man’s gotta get away.”

Kru nodded and gave Dad a sandwich. And we all kicked back until the sound of twenty other exhausted people jogging finally faded away in the distance.

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