It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

By Tiber

That’s right, kids. It’s January 21st and that means it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!


As you know, I like squirrels. Sometimes, I just stand outside, eating, and watch them. They, in turn, stand outside, eating, and watch me. It works out very well.

And as an added bonus for Squirrel Appreciation Day this year, I caught sight of “the squirrel who is missing a bushy tail!”

I hadn’t seen him in awhile and I was getting a little worried that maybe the others had run him off for being different. He has a tail. It’s just that it looks more like a piece of string.

We’ve all speculated about this. Kru thinks he sheared it off trying to get through a fence. Erin decided he has a fur problem, like severe dandruff. Ot “squirr-druff” or something.

I’m still standing by what I said before. I think this squirrel’s mom had a wild night out with a rat and she’s still not admitting it.

For all I know, she’s continuing to insist that, of course, she’s only been with squirrels, just like all the other girls!

…She did have a date once with a foreign squirrel. She thinks he might have been from Brazil. All she knows now is that her handsome son “looks just like him! Why, I’ve even heard him speaking Portuguese.“

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