Here’s looking at you, kid

 By Tiber

Awhile back, I read about a goat who got drunk.  But now, what the hell is going on in Germany?

First, the police had to take in a drunken badger, who’d been hitting the overripe cherries too hard.

And now, they’ve had to haul a drunken owl into the slammer.

You might have argued that the badger just stumbled on the cherries out in the wild but the owl was found with a couple of little bottles of Schnapps lying right next to it so, I say, these creatures are getting drunk deliberately!

The police released them once they’d sobered up but did anybody think to ask them why they’re getting hammered?


Had they recently broken up with a long-term badger or owl?

Or are they depressed about the economy? They could have recently lost their jobs. And frankly, badger and owl employment has to be sparse at best.

I can hear you saying that badger and owl employment is non-existent. Oh, really?

I had a boss once who told me that he thought an amoeba could perform my job better than I did.

So, things being relative, if an owl and a badger had then also applied for the position, he not only would have hired them, he would have given them paid vacation and full dental.

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