If a ghost takes a shower, does he not need a towel?

By Tiber

I was still tired when I got up this morning and while I was brushing my teeth, I glanced over into the bathtub and saw a man’s footprint on the rubber mat inside of the tub. That woke me up. I hadn’t showered yet and no other man is using this bathroom.

I know this house is haunted and on seeing this, I completely froze.

I tried to rationalize that if you do have ghosts roaming nearby, wouldn’t it be better if they did shower? Yes!

On the other hand,  do you really want them floating in and grooming away, cleaning their feet or their chains or whatever in your bathroom? Not so much.

I just couldn’t peel away from that creepy, strange footprint.

Finally, after an interminable petrified pause, I managed to start backing out the door and, of course, then I realized it had just been my own footprint, on the fuzzy bathmat I’d been standing on, reflecting in the glass shower door.

Obviously, no ghost had left a footprint inside of my tub.

So one question had been answered but now I am left with a new one.

Does unemployment make you demented or is it that while you’re working, you’re just too busy to notice?


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