When the shop around the corner is “Larry’s Discount Occult”

By Tiber 

I swung by Larry’s Discount Occult (“Sure You Want To Hex Them But Why Pay Full Price?”) where my sister, Erin, works as a salesperson after school.

She’s doing pretty well there in spite of Larry‘s new ban on texting during working hours. This initially drove Erin berserk and when she couldn’t stop wiggling her newly idle fingers and some of the customers thought she was about to strangle them, Larry knew he had to act.

So, besides doing sales, he gave Erin the creative job of decorating the shop window. And this she likes.

 Of course, Erin’s at that teenage stage where her personality constantly flips back and forth from the morbid to the cute so the occult window is now sending out kind of mixed messages.

Erin still has the witch’s “cauldron of blood” but she’s using it to advertise the strawberry tea.

The zombie figures, who, formerly, had been staggering, open-mouthed, towards the villagers to eat their brains, still have their lips contorted but now it’s because they’re all playing soccer and the zombies have scored their first goal.

And the skeleton, rising from a grave, is currently performing a dance step.  Erin even had Iris Nell make a little tuxedo and top hat for it which frankly, I think, makes it look disconcertingly like Fred Astaire.

At first, I thought Larry would object, since the window seems to be pulling in so many different directions. But then I remembered that, above all, Larry is a shrew businessman and Erin has probably given him a whole new sales demographic.


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