HONK HONK! Move your tail!

By Tiber

Every year, in the fall, large flocks of migrating geese fly straight over our house. This year, they were late and now that they’ve arrived, I’m wondering if maybe it was so unseasonably warm where they started, that they didn’t realize it was time to head out.

Now they’re flying through the rain and the cold.

It’s funny but they often seem to fly in two different personality groups. Whenever you hear a lot of honking, it’s always the ones who fly in the crappiest V-formations, as if they’re the party dudes who just don’t give a damn.

“Hey, girl, check this out! Barrel roll! No wings, baby! Honk honk!”

“OMG! OMG! You’re so awesome! Honk! Do it again! Do it again!”

And then flying nearby are the executive geese, traveling in a perfect V and barely making any sound at all except for an occasional…

“Don’t look at them. Do not look at them. You’ll only encourage them! Oh, great, now those people on the ground are staring up here at all of us.”

This year, I also heard an unfamiliar third sound that you couldn’t miss, coming from miles away. The goose making this third sound wasn’t so much honking as braying like an airborne donkey. It was not pretty. This guy only had two younger birds flying with him, clearly his two teenage kids, and they were even more embarrassed about him than the executive geese.

“Dad, come on!!! Stop doing that!!!”

“Shut up! What do you know? Our damned new leader says, “Hey, this year, it’ll be fine if we leave later to go south. Moron! HEE-HONK HEE-HONK!”

“Dad! Please! Look around! No one else will fly with us!“

“What difference does it make? Are they handin’ out blankets? No!!! HEE HONK HEE HONK, I’m freezin’ my ass off up here!”

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