“Price.” With a “p.” You know. As in “pterodactyl.”

By Tiber 

One of Dad’s pet peeves is people who work in customer service who say they speak English when they really can’t.

He does have an argument since, to his credit, whenever he travels to a foreign country, even if it’s just  for a day, he always learns at least a few phrases of the local language.

Consequently, when customer service employees can’t understand what he’s saying, he’s always more than happy to spell things out for them.

He‘ll say, “That’s ‘k’ as in ‘knife.’”

Or, “No, no, ‘h’…as in ‘heir!'”

Or “p” as in “pneumonia,” “w” as in “wrench,” “o” as in “opossum.”

He always gets the English-speaking supervisor to help him out very quickly. And he never even needs to ask.


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