Back to normal, or as close as we come to it

By Tiber

Thankfully, it turned out that the fire alarm went off the other night due to faulty wiring. There wasn’t a fire at all. Dad, however, was still so pleased with himself for leading us all out to safety, I thought he was going to plant a flag.

The staff, as I mentioned before, all drifted away when they got outside so Dad wouldn’t be reminded of how many people he’s paying. This meant that, later, they needed to sneak back inside one at a time, in hopes that he wouldn‘t spot them then either.

Kru looked out the window and said it was like watching an old cartoon, where, periodically, someone would tip-toe wildly across an open space, disappear behind a very thin tree trunk and then make a crazed run for the house.

Mom, unfailingly polite, was so worried about dragging the firefighters over here in the middle of the night, that she asked them all to come in and enjoy some mulled wine. They thanked her but said they really couldn’t drink on the job. Plus, I suspect they had more important calls than ours that probably included actual flames.

It was only after they left that Mom remembered, with horror, that no one had thought to help the unknown old woman up in the attic. Dad reminded Mom that there hadn’t actually been any danger. But he did concede that if there were, we couldn’t very well go upstairs and wander around in the hope of finding her again.

Unlike the firemen, the unknown old lady did drink that bottle of wine that Mom took up there last New Year’s and more than one of us has heard her rooting around up there since then. But after Mom’s stumbling upon her that one time,  she’s become more and more like the “yeti in the attic.” We’ve all heard of  her but there hasn’t been another actual sighting.

Mom said the least we could do was to leave a map up there showing where all of the house exits are located.

“And I really should give her another bottle of wine.”

Dad just rolled his eyes and said, “You keep this up and she’s just going to want more.”

But I say, pursuers of the world’s mysteries, take note! You’d be a lot more likely to spot that yeti if,  first, you would only get him drunk.


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