Jack Daddy to the Rescue or It’s Alarming How an Alarm Can Alarm You

By Tiber

Everybody was asleep last night when the fire alarm went off.

Dad has made us have fire drills for years and he took control again last night, like some world explorer with a threatened expedition. I think he would have been okay with a little of his house burning down, just to be able to play the hero, leading his charges out of the inferno.

And everybody did get out, family and staff alike, as the fire trucks barreled down the drive.

The staff had another problem, however. In the money crunch, they’ve tried so hard lately not to remind Dad how many of them are actually on the payroll and now, here they all were together outside.

So, maid Gabby tossed a blanket over maid Taffy and half sat on her, as if she was just a cushion they’d brought out.

The three security guys tried to blend in with the firemen, who, on seeing what a nuisance they were, finally gave them something to do.

Cook, who’s big and tall, tried to hide kitchen maid Soledad behind her. But Soledad is short and wide so Cook started waving a big dishtowel in front of herself to conceal this.

Nestor, the gardener, who’s been living here since his divorce, quickly wandered off to do some yard work. And Brunty, the butler, just wandered off.

Mrs. Brunty, knowing her husband gets lost even indoors, took off after him and Gabby felt she had to help her.

Duncan looked at Cook waving the big dishtowel and asked if she was bullfighting. Not wanting to draw more attention to them, Cook and Soledad then shuffled backwards into the hedges and disappeared, like the dead ball players in “Field of Dreams.”

So, even though 10 staff members had fled the fire, the only one who remained was Taffy, still crouched under the blanket on the ground.

Dad, maybe not as oblivious as everyone would like to think, went over, lifted up the blanket edge, and said,

“Don’t you worry, Taffy. No fire’s going to beat us!”

Unsure what to do, Taffy gave Dad a big thumbs up and he just covered her with the blanket again.


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