Cry Me A River (I just didn’t know it would be the Nile)

By Tiber

Well, this explains a lot.

I read where women will cry, on average, a total of 12,000 hours over the course of their lifetimes.

I just didn’t realize that those 12,000 hours would all be expended in the course of dating me.

So here’s a tip for other guys. Snag any woman who is screaming to get away from my complete inability to commit has amicably and mutually decided to part company with me and your relationship with my ex will be filled with rainbows and giggles and unicorns.

Her crying quotient will have already been used up and you can go directly to that land where the discouraging words,

‘Oh, God, what have I done now?’ will never be heard.

And the sky is not cloudy all day.

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