I feel like the hyena, not in on the joke

By Tiber

Since losing my job, I’ve acquired something else. Now I feel out of step. I feel out of step with the world.

Maybe I defined myself too much through my work and now the universe is prodding me to find value elsewhere. If that’s the case, it isn’t working.

All I think about now, is how out of step I am.

I feel like the cannibal who just wants a salad.

I feel like the panda who makes children cry.

I feel like the pea that is pod claustrophobic.

I feel like the bat who’s afraid of the dark.

I feel like the yeti who wants to be famous.

I feel like the Great White whose teeth are in braces.

I feel like the leopard who doesn’t like prints.

I feel like the penny that’s saved but not earned.

I feel like the clown who prefers bigger cars.

I feel like macaroni that’s lactose intolerant.

My guess is, somebody in the family may go out and find me a job. Otherwise, I could keep coming up with these forever. 


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