The Mad Hatter Part II…When baseball caps attack


By Tiber

As I’ve said many times before, my idiot brother, Duncan, is always annoying somebody about something.

Not long ago, he made our other brother, Kru, angry and Kru decided to get back at him. He started mentioning to Duncan that one of the new side effects of global warming was that some people are suffering from an expansion of their skulls.

He’d just made it up, of course, but every so often since then, Kru has been slipping a little piece of cardboard into Duncan’s favorite baseball cap. So the cap has been getting tighter and tighter and Duncan has been getting more and more worried.

Finally, he went to the doctor and told him that because of global warming, his skull was enlarging. The doctor told Duncan he must be working too hard.

But that hat has just kept on getting more and more snug.

Now, Kru has started mentioning something even worse. He says he read where some people’s skulls are actually shrinking, due to worry about the economy.

And yesterday, he removed all of the cardboard from Duncan’s cap. The cardboard had stretched it out, of course, and when Duncan put it on this time, the hat plopped down, completely covering his eyes.

He raced back to the doctor again, yelling that his skull was now shrinking because of the bad economy. And this time, I think, the doctor may put him away.

So, what a few people have said could turn out to be true – that even in the midst of some difficult times,  good things can still happen to those who just wait.

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