Hell Toad………………..Beelzebub frogs that once frightened T-Rex

By Tiber

My sister, Iris Nell, is a “look-on-the-bright-side” kind of person while I’m more of a…oh, I don’t know,…more of a “look-on-the-stench-filled-shrieking-an-inch-from-the-abyss” kind of guy.

I was  a little depressed again today, which I think being unemployed and alone I have every right to be, when Iris Nell pointed out that at least we don’t have Beelzebub frogs anymore.

‘Yeah, but I-what?’
She had just read where scientists have discovered fossils of a demonic prehistoric 10 lb. frog that had terrorized even the dinosaurs. So wasn’t I glad that it was extinct?

She did have a point. It is good that today, I can confidently walk past a pond without worrying that one of the residents is suddenly going to leap out and make off with my nose.

And I did stop feeling sorry for myself –  for a good thirty seconds.


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