Chain, chain, chain…chain of fools

By Tiber

Someone at my brother’s triplets’ school made the mistake of showing them how you can fold paper and then cut it to create a chain of children attached to each other.

The triplets decided to recreate one of these chains in real life and using two sets, they handcuffed themselves to each other.

I don’t know where in the house they actually found the handcuffs and since my parents have been hosting a group of good friends for the week, no, I’m not going to ask.

The kids had festooned themselves like a garland over a mantelpiece but they didn’t get quite the impressed reaction they’d wanted when my mother came in, saw them, gasped in horror and cried out for Dad.

My father came hurrying in, took one look at his handcuffed grandchildren and then rushed over to give my mother a big hug.

“Oh, Gwen! Well done! Cuffing them! What a great idea! They’ll be so much easier to keep track of!”

My gentle and elegant mother then hit him with the piece of stationery she was holding. What was she going for? A paper cut? But it showed just how annoyed with him she was.

Dad finally got it that the kids had done this to themselves and he helped them down. He had to call the fire department, though, to get the handcuffs off. And even they had to use industrial-strength metal cutters because the cuffs were made of hardened steel.

Quite a crowd of family members, guests and staff had gathered by this time to watch. It would have gone a lot faster if somebody had just offered up the keys but when asked if anybody had them, a truly mind-boggling number of eyes suddenly started staring casually up at the ceiling.

Evidently, just one night around here could have supplied Houdini for a lifetime.


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