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By Tiber

The veil, as they say, is a little thinner for my youngest sister, Erin.

She’s always been aware of other worlds and though she doesn’t actually see dead people – for now – she definitely is in communication with them. Of course, you just know that with us, even this rarely runs smoothly.

When Iris Nell couldn’t decide which of two guys would be better to date, Erin had one of her “vivid dreams” about it. Some of our ancestors put the two men on either side of a giant scale and were about to weigh their merits. Then a bell rang. Iris Nell was thrilled.

 “And? And? Which one came out best?”

“I don’t know.” Erin had to admit. “Dream pizza was delivered and the rest of the time everybody just sat there chewing.”

Sometimes, Erin is psychic and she gets messages while she’s awake. She clearly is receiving information that she herself does not know. The problem is, it’s information that you already do know. She’ll announce, “Your car keys are in your jacket pocket and not on the table where you usually put them.”

“I know. I’m going right back out.”


Or “Kru is the one who’s got your candy.”

“Yeah, I know. I decided I didn’t want it and I gave it to him.”


Erin even told Iris Nell that our late great-grandmother Maggie had visited Iris Nell in her room the night before.

“You were trying on a pair of new pants.”

“Oh, my God! She was actually there! She saw me with my new pants! What else did she say?!?”

“She said, ‘Don’t ever wear them again. They make your thighs look huge.'”

Proof of existence after death? Fantastic!

Being our dead people? Whatever they pass along is either incomplete, obvious or insulting.

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