The Cat in the Hat, the Dog in the Shades Part Two

By Tiber

We thought something might be wrong today with Cax, our golden lab. It was a really nice, sunny day but when I tried to take him into town with me, he wouldn’t budge. Then, Dad had a thought. Could it be about the sunglasses?

You might recall, a few months ago, when Cax needed some eye medication and Dad, playing around, had put his expensive sunglasses on the dog.  He thought Cax would just swat them off. Instead, the dog loved them and for a time, he refused to leave the house without them.

The glasses cost a lot, though, and Dad wanted them back, so eventually, when the sky turned overcast all the time, he was able to wean Cax off of them.

Now, with the sun bright again, Dad wondered if Cax’s reticence to go out was sunglass related. It was.

Once Cax had those expensive babies back on, he was practically behind the wheel of my car and ready to drive me into town.

I soon saw why.

Once the two of us got out and happened to pass by a dog park, a female dog who had been running, took one look at Cax in his luxe shades and she halted on a dime. Her mouth fell open slightly and her hungry gaze locked onto Cax until we were out of view down the street.

I may be very short of cash right now, but to turn my life around, somehow and right away, I have got to get me a pair of those sunglasses.

………………Okay, yes, I am fully aware of what I just wrote. It’s come down to this.

I am now taking dating tips from the dog.


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