It’s uncanny


By Tiber 

Since Dad made everybody get jobs, my brother Kru’s “LitterAce Man” home delivery of cat sand business has been doing pretty well. If nothing else, I give him real points for inventiveness. It’s not, however, an invention.

Kru has always thought that inventing something is the way to go. Once you have the great idea and then you manufacture it, the money just keeps on racing in, without your having to do anything else.

The trouble today, Kru always grouses, is that since so much has already been invented, you really have to hustle to come up with anything fresh.

Evidently scientists are working right now on a Harry Potter style “invisibility cloak.“ The chances of your beating them to it by working away in your garage with an old t-shirt and your cordless drill, however, are pretty much nil.

What has my brother fired up today, is that he just read where it was 48 years after the invention of the tin can before anybody got around to inventing the can opener.

“Can you believe that?” Kru raged. “And it was worth billions! In those days, you had these completely obvious and easy-to-make possible inventions just dancing around at your feet and pulling on your toes, begging you to make them!  Hell, I could have invented a can opener. And it sure wouldn’t have taken me 48 years to do it!”

It got me thinking about what, in that long period of time, people actually did. Were a lot of them just sitting around, staring wistfully at the unopened cans’ labels for half a century while they starved?

Or did they have to smash the cans with hammers or drive over them with their buggies? (“Some spillage normal.”)

Maybe all of the women just started packing heat as soon as suppertime rolled around.

“Stand back, Abner, I don’t want to blow your head off, honey. But it’s pork and beans for dinner tonight.”


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