Mr. Cat Sand, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen

By Tiber

My brother Kru’s new home delivery of cat sand business is still going strong, even though today, as I rode along, we did have a slight problem.

A new client had ordered a 30 lb. bag of cat sand and since the cat box was upstairs, she gave Kru a killer smile and asked if he’d carry it up for her.

He obliged and was filling the cat box in the hallway, when the woman’s husband came home. The husband paid no attention to me or to Kru’s clearly marked, “LitterAce Man” truck sitting parked in the driveway. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since I have a feeling that many other trucks had been parked there already.

Storming into the house and racing up the stairs, the husband found Kru, standing right by the bedroom, where he innocently announced,

“I’ve given your wife the litter she wanted!”

Leaving cat litter for your wife is one thing.. A man thinking you’ve left a litter with his wife is something else again.

Kru’s a very strong guy but, in this case, I was all for his running. That’s exactly what I would have done if the husband came charging after me.

I might have been a little more careful about not hitting the cat sand spigot in the back of the truck, however. As Kru floored us out of there, we left behind a long trail of kitty litter that announced our every turn for the ten blocks that the guy followed us.

I looked back and a wind finally blew up, scattering cat sand and the husband.

The neighbors, though, were still sliding on the sidewalk and shielding their faces. And I knew they were thinking,

“Why am I in the Sahara instead of just going to Starbuck’s?”

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