Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

By Tiber

I saw my parents’ maid, Taffy, working up here on the third floor and I noticed that her hair looked different.

“Well…uh…,” she stammered, before running into the doorframe and scurrying off. “Sometimes a girl just needs a new haircut.”

Even I could tell she wasn’t telling the truth since after this supposed new cut, her hair actually looks longer.

Earlier, I’d seen the maid Soledad with the exact same new hair. And I guarantee you, maid #3, Gabby, is wearing an identical wig.

I know what they’re doing and I don’t blame them at all.

My guess is that Mrs. Brunty, the housekeeper, has decided that during the financial crunch, she can potentially use Dad’s tendency to be distracted to the staff’s advantage. If all of the maids start looking alike, maybe Dad won’t remember how many he actually has on the payroll and be tempted to let one go.

The reason I’m onto this is because I read once where the great writer Shirley Jackson did the same thing with cats. She loved lots of cats. Her husband didn’t. So she solved the problem by always getting new felines in the same color. And her husband never did catch on to how many she was still taking in.

He did, however, eventually start to feel that the “two” cats they had, were starting to stalk him everywhere.

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