Awesome Opossum

By Tiber 

Tonight I found my sister, Iris Nell, crying – not an unusual state for the most sensitive girl on the planet.

She’d heard that late last night, Ben, one of the security guys, had seen a strange shape on the ground. It turned out to be a very old and gray opossum who had died. Nothing had injured him. It really did just look as if he’d died of old age. So Ben put his gloves on, put the old opossum in a sack and took him off to the shed for disposal tomorrow.

And that’s when he heard the funny “rooting around” noises back over in the area where he had found the body. He went to check it out and there, in the moonlight, he saw a small pack of younger opossums searching all over where the older opossum had died. The older animal must have sent out some kind of signal of his distress and demise and the others in some weird way had picked up on it and come to see if they could help. Ben said he’d never seen anything like it. And it was pretty sweet.

Dad saw Iris Nell crying and this upsets him. So when she repeated the story to him, he finally got her to laugh a little again by saying,

“You know, I expect all of you kids to do the same thing if you even suspect that I’m in trouble. Every one of you better come sniffing after me, even if I’m in a neighbor’s yard and it’s midnight, in winter, with a curfew on and a hail storm blasting.”

Iris Nell thanked Dad for being silly and making her smile again.

Dad waited until she had gone and then he grabbed my arm.

“You do know I actually meant that, right?”

“Yeah, Dad. I got it.”

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