She’s got legs

By Tiber

My parents’ maid, Taffy, who as we all know, is one of those people targeted by the Universe, was knocked out inside the big laundry hamper in the basement.

She’s generally not even down there but today, of course, she was. And, for reasons known only to Taffy, she decided to lean way over the hamper and look up the chute just as Soledad threw a huge and heavy mound of towels down from the third floor. The towels hit Taffy bullseye in the face, flipping her into the hamper, where she hit her head on the metal side bar.

She was out cold for several minutes.

Brunty, the butler, said later that oh, yes, he had noticed a pair of legs dangling over the side of the hamper. When asked why he hadn’t done anything, he replied that the legs weren’t moving so he’d assumed that somebody in our family had murdered someone upstairs and had thrown the body down the laundry chute. And he wanted our family member to enjoy his or her last few moments of freedom to the fullest before being arrested.

I wonder if everybody who works for my parents views us the same way? I guess it’s not all bad. Brunty did seem to find it not at all surprising that at least one of us was capable of sudden insane homicidal rage, but on the upside, he also felt that we were still deserving of a little affection before the jail door clanged shut.

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