Yeah, yeah, I see you

By Tiber

I was going to Dad’s study to ask him a question, when I caught him standing in the middle of the room with one of his arms flailing. He was alone, except for the dogs, so I raced in, thinking he’d had a stroke or something.

It turns out that with everybody trying to come up with money-making schemes, Dad has been working on an attraction of his own that people might pay to see.

He told me about an article he’d read online recalling how the actor Hugh Grant’s father had tried unsuccessfully for years to get his cat to wave back to him.

So Dad was working on getting Brendan, our Irish setter, and Cax, our golden lab, who sat across from him on the floor, to wave to him.

Again, Dad waved vigorously. No response.

“Uh, Dad, you did notice the words in the article ‘tried unsuccessfully for years,’ didn’t you?”

“Yes, but come on! He was working with his cat! I’m training dogs! Everybody knows dogs are smarter!”

Well, the cat in the article was evidently smart enough.

He quickly figured out that by just sitting there, he’d found a way to avoid waving until the end of time to Hugh Grant’s father.

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