One may be the loneliest number but three can freak you out

By Tiber

I haven’t written too much about my brother’s triplets yet. There are times when you save the best for later. This is not one of those times.

Of course, to be fair, it’s not the kids’ fault. They’re only ten and they have my brother for a father. Plus, they have Duncan’s wife, Honor, for a mother, which is a whole other story.

Still, the triplets can best be described as the two little girls from “The Shining” with Damien thrown in as their wingman.

They’re not even the normal kind of triplets, from three eggs or where one egg splits three ways. The two girls are identical twins, coming from one egg that split. And the boy came from his own egg, fertilized at the same time.

The first song that Duncan ever taught his son was that old Beatles’ tune, “I am the egg man, koo-koo-ka choo.”  You have never truly experienced the full meaning of creepy until you have had a very small, unblinking person tonelessly sing this at you.

The triplets’ birth was not easy. Honor was kind of out of it after their arrival, which I’m sure she had every right to be. But it left Duncan on his own and he went ahead without her and named the babies himself. They already had some other names in mind but Duncan claimed he had an epiphany right on the spot where “the perfect names just popped into my head!”

And he named his three offspring, Lauren, Shirley and Bo, not realizing for the longest time that he’d jumped in, taken charge and named his children to sound like The Three Stooges.

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