The dark of the night, the glow of the butler

By Tiber 
Like the rest of Dad’s staff in this economy, his butler, Brunty, knows that now he’d better step up his game in order not to be let go. Most of the other people are doing more of their jobs but with Brunty, what would that be? More standing around?
He did get the idea, though, that one thing everybody does appreciate is a good shine. All he had to do was find out what he could put a good shine on.

Now, everyone’s suddenly skidding down corridors that haven’t seen wax in years. And, rounding a corner, my sister was almost blinded by the glare of a mountain of polished silver that hadn’t been out since the days of Queen Victoria.

Brunty finally made his way to one of Dad’s hats that has an old metal band around the brim and he even polished that.

Dad was oblivious when he headed out across the lawn but the birds weren‘t. To them, that glowing and bobbing hatband looked like a little aircraft carrier landing strip.

Knowing my father, one sentence I thought I would never say about him was that he looked like anyone named “Tippi.” But that actress Tippi Hedron was divebombed in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, ”The Birds” and that’s exactly who Dad looked like.

Brunty could have redeemed himself by running out and saving Dad but, like the rest of us, he was too frozen by the sight.

Only Dad’s evil but ever-faithful assistant, Boyd, raced out, screaming at the birds.

“Take me! Take me instead!”

I guess we should be grateful that at least he did drive the birds away from Dad’s head. But what would it have cost the birds to actually take Boyd with them?

He doesn’t weigh that much and we would have all been more than happy to chip in on a farewell basket of fruit.

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