about me

Name: Tiber

Sex: Male

Location: Villa de Loon

My job was outsourced, my girlfriend left me and in a freak pest control accident, which wasn’t even my fault, half of my apartment blew up, leaving my big-screen TV the size of confetti. Cheers!

I figured I could hide out for awhile in my old room on my parents’ estate and just pretend to drop by a lot for meals. Most of my adult brothers and sisters have never moved out at all. But now there’s a rumor that Dad’s money may be going too and everybody may have to find work. This should be interesting. As far as I know, nobody in my family can actually do anything.

Our house is really called “Villa de la Lune” but we long ago reduced that to just “Villa de Loon.” I have a feeling that now this is going to be more true than ever.

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