Customer Service

By Tiber

My sister Vanessa’s limousine business has seen an even greater drop-off in rentals lately, so she’s converting even more of her limousines into hearses.

People’s income may go up and down but dying remains pretty much the same.

Her crew was just starting to convert a limousine today when a new widow saw them and came in.

Vanessa assured her that her hearses were as good as new ones.

“And we’re changing the configuration of the back, obviously, to take out things like the champagne bar.”

The widow nodded but then quickly passed Vanessa a 100 dollar bill.

“I’ll be back later, But just make enough room for the casket and by all means, leave the champagne bar in!”

Vanessa learned a long time ago in her business that if you’re going to ask questions, just make them the right ones.

“Brut or Extra Dry?”

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