Pecans and waffles, we salute you

By Tiber

Since losing my job, I haven’t been feeling very appreciative of anything and that’s not a good thing. So join me as we see this month out on a better note.

Today is not only “National Pecan Day” but it’s also “National Waffle Day!” Yay! Coincidentally, it’s also “National Frozen Food Month” as well as “National Craft Month.”

So, I say, let’s make some frozen pecan waffles, build a fort out of them and eat them!

Even better, I found out that tomorrow is “National Make-Your-Own-Holiday Day.”

My first thought was let’s officially make it ”Somebody Has To Bring You More Pecan Waffles Day.” But then I realized, this would mean that you’d also have to take pecan waffles to somebody else, so you might as well just make your own.

I quickly saw that you’d have the same problem if you declared a big “Me Appreciation Day” or even a smaller “Come Over And Organize My Sock Drawer Day.”

Creating one of these holidays is harder than I thought.

Recently, it really was “National Squirrel Appreciation Day” and I enjoyed that. I also like hot sauce, fat pillows and Roman ruins but lots of other people don’t so if I chose one of those, whole crowds would just end up ignoring my whole day.

So I’ve decided that tomorrow should just be “National Appreciation Appreciation Day.” Just get out there and appreciate something and we’ll all be better off for it.

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