“Puttin’ on your top hat…and cleanin’ up your cage…”

By Tiber

In spite of all the rain, my sister Iris Nell’s custom-made, All-Weather Gear for Other Animals online business has not been doing too well. Then, suddenly, this week she got an order for 30 hamster hats.

Don’t you find that odd? To me, this immediately brings up a lot of questions.

Is someone throwing a hamster party?

Is someone’s hamster just very rich?

Is there a new hamster restaurant but it has a dress code?

Is someone’s hamster neurotic and he eats his hats?

Is someone’s hamster so large that they’ll need to sew thirty hats together?

Is Paris trying to drum up tourism so now they’re having All- Mammals Fashion Week?

OR…are RATS  planning a government takeover and they can pull it off if  they’re in a more innocent disguise?!?

As usual, I am alone in asking the interesting questions.

Dad just inquired, “So, how much did your sister make?”

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