Mamboing at the mortuary

By Tiber

I just read where funeral homes are having to branch out into other activities to pay the rent. They’re now actually hosting weddings, receptions, prom parties.

I don’t think it would be my venue of choice. After a few drinks, the people I know would either start yammering on and on philosophically about the borders of life and death or else they’d all want to go coffin-tipping down the hall.

This whole thing does bring up another question, however, that wasn’t addressed in this article. I know we’re in a recession and businesses are struggling but these are funeral homes! Don’t people die at the same rate, recession or no?


as seems to be the case, does it turn out that fewer people die during a recession? Is anybody looking into this?

Ideally, once this recession is over, maybe you could just lie convincingly about another one.

“Hey, Grandma, have you heard? Times are really tough again for everybody! We’re in another recession!”

What does Grandma know? She buys it and – boom! She’s good for another ten years.

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