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By Tiber

On our new “let’s-all-come-up-with-a-new-job” quest, someone had the bright idea that I or some of my other siblings could hire out as celebrity look-alikes for parties. The question was, who could we be? Most of the evening was spent sitting around staring at each other.


Finally, my sister, Iris Nell, said she’d once been told she looked a little like Florence Nightingale.

“Oh, great. Who‘ll even know who that is?” Duncan sputtered, for once pretty much correct.

“A party of nurses!” my younger brother, Kru, blurted out, instantly regretting it as Duncan rolled his eyes.

“Can you keep your personal fantasies out of this?”

Mom quickly jumped in with, “Actually, I think Kru and Iris Nell look a little like Pierre and Marie Curie!”  Another surefire party hit.

“Maybe they could do a little reenactment about discovering radium!” she added brightly.

“Yeah, and then they can use the lab blowtorch to heat up some Hot Pockets.”    

 This last comment was from Dad, who now got a blowtorch look of his own from Mom.

”I’ve always thought Kru and Tiber look like serial killers,” Duncan offered helpfully.

“They do not!” (Thanks, Mom). 

Plus, as my youngest sister, Erin, said, “Who’s gonna want generic serial killers milling around at their event anyway? They’ll just look like the rest of the guests!”

Duncan’s gaze now focused on Erin. “Well, Erin sort of looks like a vampire. If she’d had her fangs filed down.”

“Why would I file them down?”

“Maybe every time you ate a jelly donut, the jam was squirting into your ears.”

Erin loves vampires and that really ticked her off.

“Well, you know what everyone’s always said about you, Duncan?  That you look a little like the Elephant Man!”

Duncan just laughed and got up and left. Usually, you can never phase him…which is why I was so happy to see him sneak a look in the big mirror as he walked out. We may not make money as other people but it’s always worth it to make Duncan question the person he already is.

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