Block that cork…The night he invented champagne

By Tiber

I always admire people who come up with seemingly stupid ideas and then go on to make a fortune with them. My mind does not work that way. About the fortune part, I mean. I’m a geyser of stupid ideas.
I was reading about Dom Perignon. Yeah, the champagne was named after a real man. He was a Benedictine monk who lived back in the 1600’s and he handled the wine at his abbey.
Evidently, on one particular day, when he looked at the wine, he said to himself,
“This is all fine but it doesn’t have any bubbles. And I like bubbles.”
See, this is what I mean. I like wine. And I guess I like bubbles as much as the next person but I will never be the guy who says, “Let’s drink wine with bubbles and make a killing.”
And “killing” really is the operative word here. Getting the bubbles into the bottles didn’t turn out to be the hard part. Keeping the bubbles in was the hard part.
In the beginning, the bottles kept exploding all over the wine cellar. Some years they’d lose as much as 90% of their stock. And the stock wasn’t the most worrisome part. Exploding champagne bottles could also make nearby people explode.
I imagine, at first, it was easy to get some rookie monk to help out.
“Hey, you wanna be pulled off of outhouse duty and go work in the wine cellar instead?”

“Absolutely! Sign me up!”…

Run, run, run.

…“Hello, I’m the new guy. What would you like me t-”




So old Dom Perignon was probably down there experimenting most of the time all by himself. But he kept at it. There are all kinds of courage. And he definitely had some, bleeding for a dream.

Here was a guy, who probably never had a woman in his life but whether he knows it or not, women everwhere would love to kiss him now.

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  1. Nancy Padjen says:

    Loved the thought of exploding wine bottles all over the abbey wine cellar, a bit sticky.

    Now Tiber on to your job.

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