Taffy vs. the universe

By Tiber

At least for the moment, my parents still have a lot of people who work for them. And I know that even with the money crunch, my parents don’t want to fire them. First of all, they like them. Second, they know there are fewer jobs out there right now and third and sort of crucially, in the case of our¬†help, a lot of them so often seem to need help.

Taffy, who is one of the maids, is the most accident-prone person I have ever met. My mother has always been fond of Taffy, plus a little sorry for her, which is why she’s survived so far. And since some breakage can be expected on a regular basis, she’s kept away from anything really valuable.

It’s the other accidents she has, though, that really make you wonder.

She just had to have about 3 inches of her long hair cut off because she’d gotten it caught in a metal wall-sconce. When they found her, she was standing on her highest tiptoes and flailing, with her hair, still caught in that sconce, sticking straight up like the Bride of Frankenstein.

The sconces are pretty high up and fairly flush to the wall so we figured the only way this all could have happened was if she’d been sidling down the wall while leaping. Or had she been indoor trampolining? Folk dancing? Maybe she had attempted the even trickier maneuver of folk-dancing while trampolining.

No one will ever know.

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